Recently, I have been introduced to the world of twitter.  I’m still learning how to use it, which I will eventually figure out, but it is so amusing that I have dropped everything and I cannot stop exploring! (Seriously, I need to get my work done!) I ran across an article today by Dave Ramsey called Retire a millionaire on $35 a week.. in case you’re interested here is the link:

Who wouldn’t be enticed by a title like that? (Well I guess maybe not if you’re already a millionaire) The worst part about reading it was realizing how doable it is to put away money for that purpose.  Yeah it probably won’t end up being a million dollars.. but what if it is!?!? The trick is staying inspired by articles like these that help you accomplish what you want to accomplish. I think we are doing a pretty good job at saving money to move to Oahu, but after a little inspiration from Dave Ramsey’s website we could probably do better! To do list: Stick to that budget!

-Doing things I’ve never done