Today is one of those days where I have to remind myself why I have a second job and get the motivation to get up and get ready.  I believe in my first post I mention that I am a chiropractor who is picking up my life and moving to Oahu.  I did not mention that my second job is at a sports bar, if you have never served before I’ll tell you right now it is a lot of work.  I also know that ASU and UofA both play tonight making for an even busier more difficult night.  (Plus I close.. that doesn’t help 4pm-2am)  Add that to the full work week I had, the volunteering and the meeting I have tomorrow and my weekend is essentially gone.

BUT WAIT… in a year I will be living in paradise with my favorite friends and I can finally relax.  At least thats what I keep telling myself!  It will happen, It will happen, It will happen.  Maybe I just need to watch a little Hawaii Life on HGTV for some motivation.  Second job here I come!  Watch out sports fans that I wait on tonight.. you will be impressed and you will give me great tips so I can save more money for my goals!!

Maybe an afternoon cup of coffee will help too! 🙂

-Doing things I’ve never done

Update: It ended up being a really long and busy night/weekend but it really added to the Hawaii fund and will be worth it in the end!