My future looks like this: bright blue skies, beautiful beaches and water, great hikes and two couples living under one roof with 6 dogs…. yes you read that right….6!!!  Let me explain:

Obviously I started this blog because I have tons of thoughts running through my head with this planned move to Oahu. But I want to give gratitude to the people responsible….  the people I really need to thank are our friends Heather and Tommy. It might sound weird but if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be making this move… really.  I had never been to Hawaii and didn’t have plans of going (not that I didn’t want to, just no opportunity) till we had friends that lived there. We visited them back in February of this year and on about our second day in we decided we were going to move there. We picked a date, poured some shots and did a cheers to Sept 19th of 2015!  (I’ll explain why that date in a different post).

Back to the point! This blog is dedicated to Heather and Tommy..  It’s not very often you find great friends that will change your life so dramatically (For the better of course!!).  I met Tommy and Heather through my husband and I couldn’t be more grateful.  The only downside is that I wish Heather and I had more time to get to know each other before she moved.. we had just learned that we had a lot in common and were becoming great friends when she moved.   Not that her moving got in the way of us being great friends, thank goodness for face time, but now she is far away and we can’t hang out as much as we like. But watch out Heather… we will definitely be getting all the friend time we need because we will be living down the hall from you very soon!!

I couldn’t be more excited for our future life:


-Doing things I’ve never done