This past weekend I got to share our exciting news about moving to Oahu with friends and family that didn’t know yet.  I was back home in Iowa for my brothers wedding so I saw family and friends that I don’t get to see everyday. I purposely waited to tell some of them because I feel like that’s the type of news you should share in person. (Especially if you want to see the expression on their face.. whether they think you or crazy or not!) For the most part people were genuinely happy for us and also happy they had somewhere to stay if they came to visit. (typical response I guess)

The most disappointing part is that my mom is not one bit happy that we are moving to Oahu. I knew this before going home because she would find little ways to make negative comments about the move on the phone. My husband and I decided that we wouldn’t bring it up in front of her because we would only be there a couple days and it wasn’t worth the fight. I get it, it is really far away from the Midwest… and it is not cheap to get there.. nor is it cheap to stay there for long periods of time. I guess it would just be nice if she said something supportive about it. I am the baby of the family and the only one that moved away from Iowa. Now I am moving even further away from Iowa so I can see where she would be disappointed… just wish she got it.

Maybe when they come to visit they will understand.

-Doing things I’ve never done