I think in some form we all want to look good, feel good, work out and eat healthy. For my husband and I it is easier if we have a challenge, or cleanse or contest… Some way to keep us motivated! We were recently introduced to the 21 day fix by my friend Heather, it’s a workout plan with a portion controlled meal plan. When I first got my colored tiny containers I was wondering what I got myself into… I’m only on day two but I am actually having fun with it. They give you colored containers which tells you how much of what you should have a day. For example, I can have 3 green containers a day which is veggies.. 4 red a day which is protein and so on. They also give you a workout plan with DVDs, my legs are so sore from yesterday it’s not even funny!!
Either way, I am super excited to get back in shape. Before we went to Hawaii in February I was so motivated I was working out twice a day. I was in great shape and I can’t wait to get there again!! For some reason I feel like living in Hawaii is being in a bikini all day long.. It’s not, but if that thought keeps me motivated I’ll stick with it!!! 🙂
-doing things I’ve never done