When we started our “countdown” for moving to Hawaii we were well over 500 days out. At the time, I’d look at that number and it felt so far away. I thought this year would take forever to pass by, but here we are and it’s almost Halloween already.
Seriously, where did this year go? Heather told us.. You guys don’t worry, it will fly by. I believe her now obviously but then I was thinking, your nuts I just want to move now!
Most of the year flew by because we have been extra busy working extra jobs to make extra money, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve mentioned in the past that I have three jobs trying to save extra money, well recently I quit my third one and I am so happy. My third job was inputting data into quickbooks for my accountant. I had a few clients of hers and only worked 10-15 hours a month. However, the 10-15 hours always happened in the same week due to clients needing their books done at the same time. It quickly became too much for me and I was stressed out! I like the extra money for Hawaii, but sometimes a girl needs her sanity, and her weeknights free…. At least most of them.
Anyways, I realized that time flies today because I looked at my countdown and we move to Oahu in 302 days! (Insert happy dance)

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