So.. We are headed to Oahu in 42 days to see our friends and visit our future home! (Wow that just hit me.. 42 days!!!!!!!!) I mentioned before that we were doing a 21 day fix diet to get healthy again. Well, we fell off the wagon, hard! I hate the word diet but like I said in the previous blog.. If we don’t have some sort of protocol to follow we suck. Turns out we suck anyways. We did pretty well for about two weeks and then the same meals got too boring for us and we started eating out and ordering in and well you get the point. I’m actually supposed to be at the grocery store right now but I’m stalling, I’ve been looking all over Pinterest for healthy recipes to keep us going. Thank goodness for Pinterest because little did I know if you put 21 day fix in the search bar you get tons of new ideas! Thank you Pinterest, we will be good now and do our workouts. 🙂 See you soon Oahu, I can’t wait to plan our future life there!
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