It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything but after 9 months of working multiple jobs and saving money I lost some motivation. I now have new motivation since we just got back from another trip to Oahu! It was nice to go there again, not only for a vacation but to make sure moving there is something we really want! It’s kind of a big deal. (Not to mention a lot of money)
Once we were there we had no reservations about our move. We met new people, looked at job opportunities and talked about where we wanted to live… It all became more of a reality. The part I’m most excited about is living with our friends. Everyone we tell our plans to looks at us like we are nuts but we will make it work and it will be great!
Our move date also seems to be creeping up on us way faster than I thought it would! We have changed it a couple times so at the current moment the earliest we could move is the end of July!!! We have a lot of things that need to fall into place for a July move but I have high hopes!

-doing things I’ve never done