This was the original date picked for our move to Oahu…. Let’s just say, that’s not going to happen. If I have anything to do with it we will move as soon as July!

We originally picked this day for a couple reasons. 1. We thought we needed to live in our house for two years so we wouldn’t get taxed on profit when sold. (Found out that doesn’t matter) 2. Jason wanted to wait till after our birthdays and his moms birthday. 3. We thought we would need lots of time to save money. Don’t get me wrong we could always save more money but we have saved so much in the last year that I am amazed!!! We actually have enough to move and live for a bit with no jobs!!

This is becoming so real it is crazy!!! We are starting to sell our things and figure out what we are taking and what we aren’t. We recently had friends over that might be interested in our house. We have plans to fix up little things in the house before we sell. We’ve been in contact with a real estate agent and property manager just in case. I think we got this!!

-doing things I’ve never done