Okay, so I knew moving to Hawaii would cost a lot but you don’t really get a grasp of it until you start getting quotes. (Just wait till I write out those checks, tear*) I knew my dogs would cost more than moving a kid but it didn’t hit me until I filled out all the paperwork and talked to the airline. I am mentally preparing myself to spend about half the money we saved (in a year in a half) on the move alone! 

Just so you can wrap your head around this, here are some quotes we got: 

Pod to move our crap: $7,400 (I would now rather sell all my stuff and start over!)

Cars: $1,100 each (we were going to  take both and now we are debating)

Dogs: $319 each for flight, $165 each to pick up from airport, $325 each rabies titer, not to mention the kennels and other paperwork. (And we have 3.. If I didn’t mention that before) Don’t worry, you added right, probably about $2,500 to get my babies there!!

Us: this goes without saying that we ourselves need to get there but yet again, more money! Although I can’t tell you how excited I am to buy a one way ticket to Hawaii, it just seems unreal! But it is real, and so are all the costs that go along with it! I am still scared but out of my mind excited at the same time!!! 

-doing things I’ve never done