Now that we are getting closer and closer to our move date to Oahu I am always thinking about what needs to be done to get there. Today I was working on getting my dogs (children) there without a hitch. If there is a hitch they have to be put into quarantine, not to mention if they are in quarantine it costs money every day they are there. I’ve already figured out that the best airline to send them on is United Airlines, in my research it was one of the only ones that would fly my breeds of dogs in the temps that Arizona can reach in the summer. Our original plans were to send them on a direct flight from Phoenix to our friends in Oahu. We would then drive to Cali to ship our cars and fly out in the next day or two. (That was originally the plan because it would be tough to ship our cars and then find rides and a place to stay with three dogs… and THEN get on a flight all together.

Today, we figured out a new plan, and I am so excited to have it figured out. (One less thing on my plate) We recently decided to sell one of our cars. (Not worth the $1,100 to ship) We also learned that United does not have direct flights to Oahu from Phoenix, not that my dogs can’t go on a connecting flight but I would rather not risk it. As of today the new plan is to drive to LA together (dogs and all) get on a plane with the dogs.. no husband, and fly to Oahu with them. From there my husband will take the car to be shipped and hop on the next flight to Oahu.

On a side note, if you are thinking about moving to Hawaii with dogs there is a 4 page checklist of things to do and send before you go. I’ve probably read through the thing multiple times but I still had to call the department in Hawaii today to ask them a question about it. I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to taking my dogs with me, and they were very nice and helpful on the phone! After our dogs get their rabies shot tomorrow I will be able to get their forms notarized and send them in with a money order. I am just happy to be getting things in order to go, the more I can get done ahead of time the better. One step closer!!!


Hank, one of my furry children.

Just in case you want to move to Hawaii with dogs…. You’ll need this link:

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