I have sent off my dogs paperwork to Hawaii, they are now officially on their way to getting approved for the move! You should’ve seen me at the post office getting my papers and cashiers check in order, I was shaking. I didn’t think it would be so nerve racking to do that but it made the move feel so close and so real!

To start the process my dogs had to have two records of their rabies shots with ink signatures from the vet. All of my records had a stamp signature so when we decided to move we got them a one year booster. A year later (which is now) we got them another one. Now we just have a 90 day waiting period till they can go. I also had to fill out 3 seperate dog import forms since I have 3 dogs. Those forms have check marked what’s included with the form, their microchip numbers, breed, color (codes from their website, you can’t just write black), and a co-owner if there is one. I also had to include a cashiers check for $495, $165 a dog… It costs that much to be able to pick them up right from the airport. 

The most nerve racking part is that you have to send original documents. ORIGINAL!!! What if they get lost in the mail!?!? I prepared for that by making copies and if I need to I can have the vet sign them again.. However, it’s scary! 

The envelope was sent with a return receipt and I have a tracking number to check on it. I will be on edge until I know it is safely recieved by the right people in Hawaii.

-doing things I’ve never done

Update: 3/10/15. Our paperwork was recieved and the dogs are cleared to go as soon as the beginning of June!!