We almost lost the buyer for our house!! Who knew this would be such a roller coaster of emotions? Selling this thing is stressful! 

Let me rewind for one minute, if you remember from my last post, we put some preview pictures of our house up and got some interest. The first guy to look at it put in a full price offer!!! (Jaw drop) Seriously? How amazing is that? 

So.. We slapped a sold sign on the for sale sign and for the last 10 days we have been going through the inspection and appraisal. Two days ago we had a hiccup… The buyer wanted us to replace the roof! That’s not a cheap little fix if you have never had to replace one! We talked about it and talked to family and friends and ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it for us to replace the roof. All day yesterday we were just waiting for the phone call.. Is he walking away? Or is he going to deal with the roof himself? Well holy crap, to our surprise, our realtors talked and decided that they would split the cost of the roof and pay out of their commissions. I didn’t even know that was a possibility!?!? I guess if they really want a sale to go through they will do what they have to do!

As of today, the only thing we are waiting for are the results of the appraisal. (Fingers crossed) If all goes through, our close date is June 15th and we are officially off to Hawaii to start our crazy new chapter! 

-doing things I’ve never done