Just in case you have dogs and you decide to move to Hawaii, I want to give you a heads up, It’s hard!! Not just because of all the leg work and money I put in ahead of time but watching them be confused and scared during the process. Since we sold our house and are in the process of selling everything our house is getting pretty empty, very confusing for the pups. (We sold Lilys favorite couch) To make it worse we packed our pod and sent it ahead of us, in the pod was the big crate they usually get kenneled in… together. They are now in seperate airline crates and I can tell they have no idea what’s going on. One of my dogs, Hank, has a bit of anxiety to begin with and he is not eating as regularly as he used to. He will still eat, but we have to sit next to him until he does. All of this is heartbreaking and I want it to be over so they are no longer confused! I hope my dogs love the beach and the new adventure we are going on.  

-doing things I’ve never done

Hank, our handsome man


Lily, our calm princess


Chief, my baby