So, at first, I thought taking time off and being unemployed in paradise would be amazing. I mean come on, I am on the beautiful island of Oahu, I have a place to live, food to eat and all the free time I want to go to the beach and do some amazing hikes. Sounds great right? I really thought it would be, I even told my husband before coming here that we were going to take some time off at first and not even try to look for jobs. We worked really hard to save money and make this move happen. I thought time off sounded great, and it was great… for about 4 days. We got here on a Wednesday and the first couple days were a whirlwind of getting the dogs and ourselves adjusted to living here. That weekend we went out stand up paddle boarding with our friends and had a blast! Then Monday hit, our friends went to work and we… well we sat around the house thinking about what we could do.

You are probably thinking, duh, go to the beach! Which of course we did, we even took the dogs one of the days so they could see the ocean. Just so you know, our dogs are wusses and didn’t really like it! Not to mention they barked at every other dog we saw at the beach so it was kind of a fail. We have already gone on two new hikes and some hikes we have done before, being unemployed is not as glamorous and fun as I thought it was going to be. Besides being unemployed, our car has not arrived from the mainland yet, we haven’t picked up our pod and technically we are living in someone else’s house. Now, if Heather reads this, she will say this is our house…. and I’m trying to see it that way. But it is definitely hard when they have been living here for a year and a half and we moved in with a couple suitcases, other than that we are using all of their stuff.

Thankfully, we all found a place to live together! We are moving this Friday into our new place and it is going to be OURS. We are going to have a crazy great life living with another couple and having 6 dogs all together. We will finally get to pick up our pod so we have some of our own stuff. And hopefully by then our car will be here and we will have our Hawaii drivers license as well. The jobs will happen eventually, I am just trying to be positive for now.. this has definitely been a crazy transition!

-doing things I’ve never done