This entry is going to make me sound like a mean wife, but I am apparently not good at sharing. I feel like when you get married it is just normal that people start sharing everything… Bank accounts, laundry, food, cars.. Etc. My husband and I may have been a little different. We still had our own laundry baskets and did our own laundry.. Although we shared a bank account and had access to each other’s we still had our own accounts. We had separate cars and used them for whatever we wanted. 

So anyways, the point of this… Clearly if you have ready any of my blogs we just recently moved to Hawaii. We sold one car and are now sharing one. We switched bank accounts and now only have one. We sold most of our stuff and have one laundry basket and we are doing each other’s laundry. This may sound stupid but I don’t like sharing, I apparently failed that part of kindergarten. 

We both recently got jobs.. Yay!!! But, I just found out he works at 6 am, 5 am and 6 am the next 3 consecutive days. If an uber isn’t available I have to take him to work because we are sharing a car! Let me just tell you now that I am not a morning person.. I’m not super pleasant that early. Either way.. This sharing thing is hard! See.. Told ya I would sound like a mean wife. 

-doing things I’ve never done