Today I got caught up looking back through old facebook photos and it took me back to our going away party.

Zipps going away

We worked at a sports bar back in Arizona that became our second home, and our co-workers became our friends. We have been in Hawaii for a little over two months now, other than some of my husbands co-workers we really haven’t made any friends yet. I forgot that it’s not that easy to make friends as an adult. Of course we have our friends Heather and Tommy, who we moved in with when we got here, they’re our besties and things are working out great. It is just different when you don’t have friends of your own to hang out with and sometimes it’s hard to not feel like a tag along meeting up with their friends. The fastest way I met friends back in AZ was working at that sports bar, but let me tell you.. that is not happening again. I will not be sad if I never have to serve another day in my life!

last day zipps

My last day at zipps.. I was very happy.. no more serving!!

But seriously, how does one meet friends these days as an adult? It’s not like I’m gonna run into some chick at the grocery store picking out the same wine as me and be like.. “hey, we like the same wine, we should hang out!” That sounds crazy! I guess I could look on and see if there are any hiking groups or casual wine drinkers to hang out with. I just get so nervous going to things like that, it is hard to put yourself out there to make new friends! But I guess I won’t make any new friends if I don’t try.


-doing things I’ve never done