Previously I wrote a blog about the costs of moving to Hawaii which I knew would be expensive but didn’t realize the reality of it until I got the quotes. This time I want to tell you about the costs of living here which, again, I knew would be expensive but until you start paying the bills it doesn’t seem real.

Before we moved here most peoples reaction to our news of moving to Hawaii was..  “Do you know how much milk cost there, I’ve heard it’s really expensive?!?!” Seriously, I just told you I’m moving to Hawaii and that is your response? Of course I know how expensive it is, do you think I’m dense? Anyways, I don’t drink milk so that would usually be my response to those people!

One of our biggest expenses here is rent which, again, I already knew would be expensive. We are living with our besties and their 3 dogs so we already knew we would be splitting rent. When we first started looking at places to rent we set our max budget at $4,000/mo. That sounds completely crazy right? Of course I didn’t want to spend $4,000/mo but we figured we could make that work with two couples. Plus, we figured we would have to spend that much money having 6 dogs! We ended up finding a great place for $3,200/mo, the floor plan is split so it is ideal for two couples.. AND we didn’t have to put down a dog deposit or any extra rent for the dogs… JACKPOT.


But check out that kitchen floor and blue cabinets.. 🙂 And our perfect 6 little monsters.

Next… groceries.. do you know how much a gallon of milk cost here?!?! Just kidding, but for real, a gallon of milk cost $4.69 the last time we bought some. My roommate drinks milk and I just happen to have a Costco receipt in front of me. Having a Costco here pretty much saves us. Most things you buy at Costco are really not that much more expensive here. And we have already learned that there are certain things you buy at Target vs Safeway or Foodland to save money. We also started looking at coupons to get better deals on the things we buy. For example, 1 lb of strawberries the other day at Safeway were about $5 but I had a coupon which  made them $1.50 instead! We make a monthly trip to Costco and spend about $400/mo (Per couple to cook for 4). Other than that we have some smaller grocery trips/mo at other stores. They also have plenty of farmers markets here which saves us some money and gets us some fresh produce.


Costco peppers for chicken fajitas. It was $7.79 for 6 peppers in case you are wondering.. totally worth it, yum!

I guess the only other thing that gets us is gas and honestly I don’t think it is that bad. We have been sharing a car since we got here so that saves us some money. It is a little inconvenient at times to only have one car but looking at the big picture it’s not that bad. We get our gas at Costco most of the time and I believe last mo we only spent about $80. Looking at our Costco spending it looks like it will be anywhere from $80-$110/mo which is not much more than it was in AZ.


Either way.. the views are free and I love it

All in all.. yes.. Hawaii is expensive but we planned for this move and saved our pennies. My only advice would be to do your research if you want to move somewhere completely different.

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