It’s my birthday weekend and I live in Hawaii.. I should be happy right? Then why am I crying to my husband on the night we celebrated my birthday!?!? This is sort of embarrassing but I am a baby and I miss my friends and family. I have no regrets about moving here and so far no island fever because I can’t drive to another state. I just miss having all my friends.. especially on my birthday. 

In Arizona I would have done the same thing I did the last 4 years. I would’ve gone to zipps sports grill and throughout the happy hour and late happy hour all my friends would stop by… they would buy me too many shots and the next day I would regret it. But that was one of my favorite things.. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

My birthday was still pretty great even though I’m a baby and having a weak moment. I woke up and my roommate made me breakfast. Then my other roommate (bestie) took me to get a pedicure. 


cute right!?!?

Then we got a drink at a place on the water and had (late) lunch at one of my favorite spots. All in all.. it was a good day and I can’t complain, this move has just been a difficult one. Still….

-doing things I’ve never done