I’ve never been much of a runner and always thought I was pretty crappy at it. This time, in order to get better, I thought I would start a running journal to help me keep track of my progress. I write down the date, time of the run, how far I ran, what I ate before the run and what I ate the night before. I also note if I had cramps and I use a smiley face system to note how I felt during the run. (I know, that part is kind of corny but whatever, it helps me) So anyways, today was the first day that I got to write how great I felt during my run, I had zero cramps and I could’ve ran a couple more miles! Hopefully keeping this journal will help me in knowing what to eat the night before and the day of running for my optimal running potential.

I also wrote in the last blog that we had been getting up early once a week to run and how hard it is to get up at 4:30 am. It is still pretty tough don’t get me wrong, but, we have gotten up early three times this week and so far I feel pretty great! I also started listening to an audio book called the miracle morning, which is supposed to help you become a morning person and explain how waking up early can make all aspects of your life better. I am not too far into the book yet but so far it seems to make sense. And I gotta say.. I do love this extra time in the morning to do whatever I want.. like write a blog! 🙂


I also had time to make an actual breakfast! 🙂 

-Doing things ive never done