Man, this has been a long week.. it’s not over yet but at least I can sort of see a light at the end of the tunnel. (1.5 more days of work and then some much needed rest) I am still training for a half marathon so we have gotten up at 4:30 a.m. 3 times this week to run. BTW running sucks when you have lady problems.. sorry gents.. tmi. If training for the half isn’t enough we also have friends in town staying with us all week, don’t get me wrong I love having people here and showing them everything I love about Oahu, it just gets to be a bit much with work sometimes. To make matters even MORE difficult the other chiropractor I work for had hand surgery last week and cannot adjust any patients. I am trying to see my patients as well as all of his patients and still take new patients. There have been new patients in a lot of pain that we have not been able to get in right away and I feel terrible. And the one day I usually have away from the office I am working at a doggie daycare which you think would be pretty easy but it is actually somewhat stressful. Lots of barking, lots of cleaning up accidents, a ton of general cleaning and trying to make sure the dogs don’t hurt each. #toomuchonmyplate

Well that is my week so far, I honestly didn’t realize how stressed out I was till I started writing this. Not gonna lie I wanted to tear up a bit.. but I’m gonna put on my big girl panties and handle the rest of the week like a beast! #beastmode Maybe I can’t handle being a chiropractor who sees a lot a people a week, who knows. Either way, I feel like a terrible person because I have been grumpy this week and have been taking it out on my roomies, friends and hubby. Last night was the worst, they probably think I am a raging b*%#$ (you know). I got home from work and thought I would jump on the #peloton spin bike to relieve some stress (didn’t help, damnit) then I was really hungry bc I hadn’t eaten since lunch but we didn’t end up getting dinner till 9 pm.. that makes for an unhappy Kristen and some scared roommates/friends. At least I feel like I would be scared of me if I was there.. I was pretty damn HANGRY!! Anyways.. apologies to all who have to deal with me this week as well as listen to me.


Sunset from my office


Sunrise from my office the next morning

-doing things i’ve never done