So.. lately I have had the urge to get another tattoo.. those of you that have tattoos will understand. I have 3 small tattoos currently, nothing crazy, but once you have one you want more and more. Anyways, I am thinking of getting something to celebrate the fact that I am running a half marathon in 4 days.. (4 days… AHHHH). I’ve also been looking at inspiring quotes because.. why not.. I like to be inspired. I was looking through my pinterest pages because I pin quotes and tattoos I want (LOVE pinterest) and I came across this picture I posted awhile ago.

cant run 2 min

Seems crazy to me that a little under a year ago this was true, I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping or running out of breath. Look at me now, I’m not super speedy but two weeks ago I ran around 11 miles without stopping! It’s crazy to think how empowering this running thing is, we really can do anything we set our minds to. This made me look back into the quote idea for a tattoo and I came across a quote that says “you are stronger than you know.” There are a lot of quotes I love but I keep coming back to this one.. thinking of getting it on my side or smaller on my forearm. What do you think?

-Doing things I’ve never done