If you read my last blog then you know I recently started a venture selling scentsy with my best friend. I’m not going to lie, so far it has been a lot of fun and I truly love all the products! I’m really hoping that I can take this business somewhere and at least make some part-time money with it. I love the idea of working from home.. I don’t have any kids but I have furry monsters and I love staying home with them. I also just love the freedom to work out in the middle of the day and work when I want. (Like from my couch)

If any of you reading this have ever thought about joining I can tell you about my experience so far.. keeping in mind I’m on my 17th day. I signed up in August because my mentor told me it was a good month to start. She said if you sell $500 PRV (personal retail volume) in the first 15 days of being a consultant you get around $300 of product for free!! (I thought she was crazy) Turns out.. this is a real thing. It is called a shooting star award and any other month it still usually cost the consultant about $200 however because we signed up during August we hit our goal and ordered the shooting star award for free!! I think I’m in Scentsy heaven right now.. can’t wait until we get all our loot!

The first 15 days were not all fun and games though, thank goodness my mentor is super patient because I think I had new questions for her every day! Although my mentor is 5 hours ahead of us (dang Hawaii time) she was still able to answer all my questions really quickly. Hopefully having a great mentor through all of this will help me succeed. Do you want to know the tough part about selling in your first 15 days? You don’t have your starter kit yet, so you don’t have any catelogues, business cards, testers or much direction. The one helpful thing you have is your website! They give you a website personalized to you and for the first 3 months it’s free with the starter kit. After the first 3 months it is only $10/month which I think is super affordable. Check it out

Now the real challenge starts, my friends and family were my customers for my first party, now I need to find actual customers. The hard part for me is not knowing many people on the island and being a little shy. #Igotthis

-Doing things I’ve never done