Holy crap guys.. My first half marathon is only two weeks away already! This training thing is no joke, and we are still getting up at 4:30 am to run before work. To add to the training I have joined a group that challenges #100daysofexercise where I have zero rest days. But yoga and walking the dogs count as exercise so I haven’t worn myself out just yet. Here is the crazy thing, I find it very hard to go a day without working out now. I feel super lazy if I don’t get in some push ups or a quick spin class.. It’s very weird, and very inspiring all at the same time!!! I never knew how strong I was or how much I could handle until this challenge. I feel like I’m learning a lot about myself! Speaking of learning things about myself, I have made it 11 miles so far without passing out so I feel like this half is totally attainable. I’m still a little terrified but at least I will have my roommate running by my side! 


Post 11 mile run


Hank helping me yoga

 -doing things I’ve never done