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When I first titled this blog it was all about the change I would go through moving my little family from Arizona to Oahu. After the move I thought I would have nothing to write about, but to be honest things are changing all the time, and I feel like this “embracing change” thing is a good theme. Currently my work life is going through some changes. Without going into too much detail, I’m not happy where I’m currently working. As a chiropractor I’ve always worked in other chiropractor’s offices because I’ve been too afraid to open my own place. I think I’m finally ready to take the plunge and start my own practice. I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity in a great space. Of course I can’t just up and quit my job because we live in Hawaii.. being a one income couple here would be a little rough! (Although my husband is totally behind me on this decision and willing to use savings) I’m sure others can relate to being in a workplace they aren’t happy/comfortable with. But for now, I can manage until I am completely ready.

As if the Chiropractic thing isn’t change enough I decided to take on another challenge as well. I wanted a way to bring in some income on the side as well as be fun, so my bestie and I started selling Scentsy. When I say “started” selling, I mean, we literally signed up 5 days ago. Not only did we just sign up, we set a goal to sell $500 in our first 15 days, if we do that we get a shooting star award as well as great products for free!! I gotta tell ya.. I have been using Scentsy for over 5 years now and have always liked the warmers and scents. (Can’t wait to try out all the other products) I really feel like this could be a great fit for me and for once I’m right where I need to be. I’m having such a great time just telling people about Scentsy. (click here if you want to check out our site ) And.. My bestie is doing it with me, it’s always helpful to have a partner in crime and someone to support you.

Needed some motivation through all this change! 🙂  #mantraband

-doing things I’ve never done


I did it.. I ran my first half marathon.. open the champagne bottles!!! Just kidding, all I wanted after that half marathon was lots of cold water! If you have seen my last couple blogs they were counting down to this one crazy day where I would run 13.1 miles with my bestie. “Doing something I’ve never done”at its finest. Anyways, if my bestie were to write a blog about her experience it might sound way different from mine, but here is how I felt. Our half started at 6 am so we woke up around 4:30 to get our stuff ready and put some fuel in our bellies.

Not gonna lie, I was super nervous and anxious for this race.. full disclosure.. about 4 bathroom visits before we left! Sorry for the over share but if you really want to know how my first half felt.. that was part of it. So I had half of a bagel, almost, I could barely finish my half because I was so nervous. I had a few sips of coffee as well as some water.. READY! So we headed off to the race which was luckily only about 2 miles from our house. A friend of mine loaned me her parking spot in Waikiki because parking down there is ridiculous! So there we were, waiting with thousands of people for the start of this race.. 20 min to go.


And we were off.. started out a little slow because as you can see there were a lot of people to navigate around. Starting out felt great, it felt like any other Sunday when we were doing our long runs, we had even run this road before so that was nothing new. Had some water at our first water station around 3 miles and I was still feeling good. Even around miles 5-8 I was somehow still doing okay and felt like this was completely possible! However, I do remember looking at my fitbit a little over an hour in and I was like “wow, we still have an hour and a half of running left.. holy crap!”

Okay so around mile 9 is when we had to run around diamond head which is a pretty decent hill. After already running at least 8 miles hills did not sound like fun, but there we were, running up a hill. Keep in mind my main goal for this half marathon was to not walk…  this made it a little tough! So we made it to the top and the water station was out of water.. you have got to be kidding me! To top that off there was another little hill around the corner (in my head I was praying the finish line was VERY close). As we kept going we ran into another water station THANKFULLY they had water and gatorade so I took both. I think this is partly where I went wrong because I had never had gatorade before during or after a run and it upset my stomach a little. It might also be because I was so thirsty I chugged a little bit! Oops.

So this is when I hit my wall.. not even kidding, we were running the very last mile and it was downhill and I was feeling so dead and tired. My legs didn’t want to move anymore, my stomach hurt, I actually felt like I was going to throw up for a few minutes there. Somehow I pulled through and kept running, it probably helped that I was running with my friend and she was doing fine so she got ahead of me a little bit. I knew I couldn’t stop or walk so I kept my legs moving and made it to the finish line. I didn’t throw up and I am still alive!!! 🙂

Before this half we had already signed up for another one so guess what.. May 29th I have to run 13.1 miles all over again. I haven’t yet decided if I am excited for it or not.. since I just ran this one yesterday I need a few days to recover. Hopefully once I get back out and running  again my legs and body will be excited!! 🙂

-Doing things I’ve never done

Let me just start by letting you know that I am not a morning person, I’m not super grumpy or anything but getting out of bed is hard work! The half marathon I am training for starts at 5 am… STARTS at 5:00 am, just in case you didn’t get the start part. Once a week, sometimes two, my roommate and I decided to get up at 4:30/4:45 am to run so we could be out the door by 5. YIKES! If it weren’t for my roommate there is no way I would get up, I would probably hit snooze twice and then shut my alarm off. Knowing that someone else is counting on me to get up and run helps a lot! What they say about running/working out with a partner is all true.. I don’t know that I would be as committed to this if it weren’t for her!

My favorite part about running is that the more I do it the easier it gets and I feel like I can accomplish anything! I am still doing 3 mile runs for the most part but I am stopping less and my time is improving a little bit each week. It is a little frustrating that it is taking me so long to get better at it but maybe that is what pushes me to work harder and keep at it. I also don’t get as many side aches as I used to when running, which helps me go further. My goal for this half is to finish and run 80-90% of the race with minimal walking. Can’t wait!

-doing things I’ve never done

We are 9 days out from moving to Hawaii and I still feel like I need to be pinched. I am sitting in our empty house with no tv or dishes, we have a bed that is going to its new home tomorrow and a couch we still need to sell. Other than that we have some leftovers in the garage from the garage sale. This is all so crazy and yet somehow it still doesn’t feel real. We are having the carpets cleaned in the morning, signing the final paperwork for the house and then moving in with a friend for the remainder of our days here. That way we can have a bed and television… Not to mention she has a pool and lives on a small lake. (#spoiled AZ style) 

– doing things I’ve never done  

Just in case you have dogs and you decide to move to Hawaii, I want to give you a heads up, It’s hard!! Not just because of all the leg work and money I put in ahead of time but watching them be confused and scared during the process. Since we sold our house and are in the process of selling everything our house is getting pretty empty, very confusing for the pups. (We sold Lilys favorite couch) To make it worse we packed our pod and sent it ahead of us, in the pod was the big crate they usually get kenneled in… together. They are now in seperate airline crates and I can tell they have no idea what’s going on. One of my dogs, Hank, has a bit of anxiety to begin with and he is not eating as regularly as he used to. He will still eat, but we have to sit next to him until he does. All of this is heartbreaking and I want it to be over so they are no longer confused! I hope my dogs love the beach and the new adventure we are going on.  

-doing things I’ve never done

Hank, our handsome man


Lily, our calm princess


Chief, my baby


Awhile ago I had a post about how much it would cost us to move to Hawaii. Well, we found some ways to save a little money! When I was originally looking into getting our stuff to Hawaii I priced out what it would cost to get a pod, $7,400 is what I got quoted. We ultimately decided that our stuff all together didn’t cost that much money so it wasn’t worth it. Then we started looking into Uhaul, they have a “ubox” that is somewhat like a pod except you have to pick it up and drop it off, versus PODS who drops it off at your house and picks it up. We decided to go with Uhaul because of price, and we just packed it and sent it this last weekend!

Basically, we went to uhaul, picked up the box and a pickup, took it back to the house, packed it and took it back to uhaul. It really wasn’t too bad of a process and they were really nice! The best part is that instead of costing around $7,400 it will cost closer to $3,400. You may be thinking that it’s still a lot of money, which it is, but to have our clothes and some comforts from home… that’s priceless to me. It is going to be a big change, and I want some familiar things with me!

 -doing things I’ve never done

Holy Crazy time… We have a for sale sign in our yard!!! We are really moving to Hawaii and it feels more real every day now.   Not only do we have a for sale sign, we have someone coming to see the house this Saturday…. It’s not even officially on the market yet! Our realtor posted some preview pictures and said the listing is coming soon and we had interest on the first day!! This is just too good to be true. Yesterday we finished all the little projects around the house so now we just have to clean and keep it clean. How do you live in a house with 3 dogs (currently 5) and make it look like no one lives here? That will definitely be one of the biggest challenges.. I hope it sells fast just so we don’t have to take dogs (who knows how many sometimes) somewhere every time someone wants to see the house!

-doing things I’ve never done