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My first half marathon was a little over 3 weeks ago now and I am still super proud of myself for getting through it. Now comes the tough part though… my bestie and I are signed up for another half marathon at the end of May (Memorial day weekend). After a half marathon you would think that I would want to sit on my butt for a month straight but that couldn’t happen. We did take some rest days but because we have another half coming up we needed to start training again! I have already mentioned that I had quite the struggle towards the end of the 13 miles for the first one.. my knees didn’t want to work and I sort of wanted to throw up. Well, trying to run again after that wasn’t super pretty!

I tried to take it slow, I did one mile on the treadmill two different days the week after the half just to keep my legs moving and used to the “running motion.” Then that next Sunday (which is our long run day) we tried to do 7 miles..(I think). Oh man, my knees were feeling it, my lungs were feeling it… it seriously felt like I hadn’t run in months!! What gives??? Apparently that half marathon did more to my body than I thought it did!

Anyways, now that we are over 3 weeks out we are finally getting back to our normal running schedule! Three times a week, usually in the mornings and long runs on Sunday to make a grand total of 4 running days a week. (It’s also starting to feel normal again) Hopefully my next half goes a little better than my first half!!! Also… the bestie is trying to talk me into another one in November… help me!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


After our most recent run… this morning!! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

-Doing things I’ve never done


I did it.. I ran my first half marathon.. open the champagne bottles!!! Just kidding, all I wanted after that half marathon was lots of cold water! If you have seen my last couple blogs they were counting down to this one crazy day where I would run 13.1 miles with my bestie. “Doing something I’ve never done”at its finest. Anyways, if my bestie were to write a blog about her experience it might sound way different from mine, but here is how I felt. Our half started at 6 am so we woke up around 4:30 to get our stuff ready and put some fuel in our bellies.

Not gonna lie, I was super nervous and anxious for this race.. full disclosure.. about 4 bathroom visits before we left! Sorry for the over share but if you really want to know how my first half felt.. that was part of it. So I had half of a bagel, almost, I could barely finish my half because I was so nervous. I had a few sips of coffee as well as some water.. READY! So we headed off to the race which was luckily only about 2 miles from our house. A friend of mine loaned me her parking spot in Waikiki because parking down there is ridiculous! So there we were, waiting with thousands of people for the start of this race.. 20 min to go.


And we were off.. started out a little slow because as you can see there were a lot of people to navigate around. Starting out felt great, it felt like any other Sunday when we were doing our long runs, we had even run this road before so that was nothing new. Had some water at our first water station around 3 miles and I was still feeling good. Even around miles 5-8 I was somehow still doing okay and felt like this was completely possible! However, I do remember looking at my fitbit a little over an hour in and I was like “wow, we still have an hour and a half of running left.. holy crap!”

Okay so around mile 9 is when we had to run around diamond head which is a pretty decent hill. After already running at least 8 miles hills did not sound like fun, but there we were, running up a hill. Keep in mind my main goal for this half marathon was to not walk… ย this made it a little tough! So we made it to the top and the water station was out of water.. you have got to be kidding me! To top that off there was another little hill around the corner (in my head I was praying the finish line was VERY close). As we kept going we ran into another water station THANKFULLY they had water and gatorade so I took both. I think this is partly where I went wrong because I had never had gatorade before during or after a run and it upset my stomach a little. It might also be because I was so thirsty I chugged a little bit! Oops.

So this is when I hit my wall.. not even kidding, we were running the very last mile and it was downhill and I was feeling so dead and tired. My legs didn’t want to move anymore, my stomach hurt, I actually felt like I was going to throw up for a few minutes there. Somehow I pulled through and kept running, it probably helped that I was running with my friend and she was doing fine so she got ahead of me a little bit. I knew I couldn’t stop or walk so I kept my legs moving and made it to the finish line. I didn’t throw up and I am still alive!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Before this half we had already signed up for another one so guess what.. May 29th I have to run 13.1 miles all over again. I haven’t yet decided if I am excited for it or not.. since I just ran this one yesterday I need a few days to recover. Hopefully once I get back out and running ย again my legs and body will be excited!! ๐Ÿ™‚

-Doing things I’ve never done

Holy crap guys.. My first half marathon is only two weeks away already! This training thing is no joke, and we are still getting up at 4:30 am to run before work. To add to the training I have joined a group that challenges #100daysofexercise where I have zero rest days. But yoga and walking the dogs count as exercise so I haven’t worn myself out just yet. Here is the crazy thing, I find it very hard to go a day without working out now. I feel super lazy if I don’t get in some push ups or a quick spin class.. It’s very weird, and very inspiring all at the same time!!! I never knew how strong I was or how much I could handle until this challenge. I feel like I’m learning a lot about myself! Speaking of learning things about myself, I have made it 11 miles so far without passing out so I feel like this half is totally attainable. I’m still a little terrified but at least I will have my roommate running by my side! 


Post 11 mile run


Hank helping me yoga

 -doing things I’ve never done 

I’ve never been much of a runner and always thought I was pretty crappy at it. This time, in order to get better, I thought I would start a running journal to help me keep track of my progress. I write down the date, time of the run, how far I ran, what I ate before the run and what I ate the night before. I also note if I had cramps and I use a smiley face system to note how I felt during the run. (I know, that part is kind of corny but whatever, it helps me) So anyways, today was the first day that I got to write how great I felt during my run, I had zero cramps and I could’ve ran a couple more miles! Hopefully keeping this journal will help me in knowing what to eat the night before and the day of running for my optimal running potential.

I also wrote in the last blog that we had been getting up early once a week to run and how hard it is to get up at 4:30 am. It is still pretty tough don’t get me wrong, but, we have gotten up early three times this week and so far I feel pretty great! I also started listening to an audio book called the miracle morning, which is supposed to help you become a morning person and explain how waking up early can make all aspects of your life better. I am not too far into the book yet but so far it seems to make sense. And I gotta say.. I do love this extra time in the morning to do whatever I want.. like write a blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


I also had time to make an actual breakfast! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

-Doing things ive never done