As I’ve said before, I love dogs and I work with a rescue here in Phoenix called One Dog Arizona. I have been with them for about a year now and it is becoming my passion to help dogs. I recently did a fundraising event for them at my chiropractic office and was able to donate about $460 to the rescue. My favorite thing about Jennifer who runs the rescue is that she is so grateful for what they get, whether I donated $100 or $1,000 she would’ve been happy either way!
The one thing I need advice on is getting people in the door! For background info I did one of these back in April and I had about double the people, however since it was my first event it was a little unorganized. For instance, we offered chair massages, my sign up sheets didn’t have times (e.g. 6:15) on them so my massage therapist was taking people in order on the list and let me just say it was frustrating for people waiting to get a massage. This time around I knew better.. I had two massage therapists and timed sign up sheets for both!
So let me pose this question to the ladies…. For $25 would you want to go to an event where you could have wine, food, chair massages, eyebrow waxing, psychic readings, acupuncture, facials, fondue, buy jewelry and makeup and much much more? Not to mention we had puppies there from the rescue.
Personally I think it sounds like a great deal and a lot of fun! (I have a bias opinion though.)
Either way I am learning new things and helping the rescue I love. It was definitely an experience and I will be doing it again next April.
-doing things I’ve never done